Who is Marc Ransom?

When creating the Marc Ransom character, I chose to base him loosely on myself. Although Retribution: Serendipity is a fictional novel, I wanted to include in Marc’s character how my struggle with alcohol and my poor life-choices wrecked my life. His personality and physical appearance, likes and dislikes, and his ability to problem solve are all very much like mine.

Marc comes from a well to do family that lost their fortune due to bad investments and unfortunate mistakes. He grew up with an entrepreneurial dad who taught him the importance of self-reliance and a good education. Unfortunately, his dad also passed on to Marc his issues with alcohol. With all of Marc’s success and great education, his downfall was allowing alcohol to control his life.

Ironically, Marc’s salvation was getting involved with the law and ending up in prison because of trumped-up charges. His arrest was the kick in the teeth he needed to give up alcohol. But, it was his prison experience along with meeting Linda that gave him the drive to renew his life.

Along the way, Marc also discovered the importance of what love and trust in somebody could bring to his future, and how having Linda in his life would allow him to do more than he ever dreamed possible.

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