Who is Linda Greer?

In many ways, Linda Greer is the most dynamic character in the Retribution series.

As the book progresses, Linda goes through a complete transformation. She begins as a loner who spends her time as a cat-burglar to finding herself in a relationship with somebody she thought she would never offer the time of day. Before meeting Marc Ransom, Linda had not had the opportunity to enjoy any kind of companionship. As the story develops, she starts to wonder how she ever could have lived without him.

While Marc Ransom is loosely based on the author, Linda Greer is based on a good friend the author knew who sadly disappeared from his life. Linda’s physical description and personality are all from a real person, while Linda’s background was created to tell a story of how adversity can lead not only to great success but also true love.

Retribution: Serendipity tells the story of an extremely bright individual who was abandoned by her father and lived with a drug-addicted mother. Just before turning 13 years old, her mom dies from an overdose, leaving Linda on the streets of Atlanta to fend for herself. With little choice, Linda chooses theft as her vocation. Having been taken advantage of by multiple gang members, Linda decides that she must learn to defend herself. With this in mind, her waking hours are spent either in serious exercise or self-teaching herself various forms of martial arts, thus preparing for her nocturnal activities. Those activities being burglary, and her targets being the gangs of Atlanta who caused her so much misery.

For over ten years, Linda lived the life of a cat burglar. Her victims were chosen by using her feminine wiles to obtain the necessary information from the marks themselves. When confronted with physical threats, her incredible strength along with her ability to defend herself always made attacking her like taking on a runaway buzz-saw.

However, her lifestyle, if one could call it that, eventually catches up with her. She finds herself confronted with being sent to prison.

Trapped with no place to hide, Linda finds herself targeted for death by the gangs she had victimized.

Linda’s part in the Retribution series starts out with what she must do to survive. Then, what happens when she meets Marc Ransom. Together, they reluctantly decide that they have no choice but to combine their very different talents and skills to escape from an inescapable prison. She also realizes that it may be okay to find love in one of the most unlikely of places.

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