Upcoming Books in the “Retribution” Universe

You might be familiar with my first novel, Retribution: Serendipity. But have you heard about the other stories that take place in Mark and Linda’s universe?

The full story currently takes place through eight books: The Retribution trilogy and five spin-offs. At the time of writing, only the first novel (Retribution: Serendipity) is published.

Here is an outline of the stories to come:

The Retribution Trilogy

Book I: Retribution: Serendipity

In America’s first co-ed prison, two complete opposites find themselves housed in the same dorm. Marc claims to be innocent–Linda makes ends meet by breaking the law. But life in prison has them trapped: Corrupt authorities want Marc to disappear, and gangs have marked the cat-burglar, Linda, for death. Seeing no other way, the unlikely dorm-mates become a ‘brain and brawn’ duo. By pairing her strength and street smarts with his expertise in technology,
they decide to escape their confines before they both end up dead.

Book II: A Time of Reckoning

A gang initiation gone wrong results in a bloody massacre, a horrifying rape, and the loss of a dear friend. Marc attempts to comfort grieving relatives, but soon realizes a dark truth: To help them find peace, he’ll need to help them get revenge. Pitting rival gangs against each other, Marc and Linda find themselves thrust into a bloody war that threatens to take Atlanta down with it.

Book III: The Tables Are Turned

A wealthy yet vengeful friend of the duo takes his retribution on the system. Using his brains, wealth, and influence, he secretly commissions the building of a miniature prison. When prominent figures begin to mysteriously disappear from their homes and places of work, there can only be one person responsible. Shocked by what they discover, Marc and Linda soon realize that there is more to their wealthy friend than meets the eye.

Retribution Spin-Offs

The Escapades

When the government of Georgia needs more money, it’s the prisoners who have hell to pay. The Department of Corrections decides to make a fortune by broadcasting an inmate competition on pay-per-view TV. Sixteen men and
women fight to the death. Whoever comes out alive gets off scot-free with a full pardon—even if their original crime was murder, terrorism, or rape. When an ex-cop ends up in the middle of the deadly game, it becomes clear that crime doesn’t always have to pay—especially when the crimes are being committed by the elected officials running a state gone rogue.

Mind Over Matter

Marc and Linda become a perfect example of the age-old prisoners’ excuse “in the wrong place at the wrong time”—literally. A split-second decision and tinkering with some unusual technology lands the unlikely duo in the year 1885, on a field in northern New Jersey. The cops aren’t after them, but they don’t feel any safer; a simple mistake could cause them to drastically alter the future. When the escapees realize that they cannot survive in this world, they decide to seek help from one of the greatest scientists in American history.

Operation Asteroid

Experiments with anti-matter lead to amazing inventions, time travel discoveries…and horrifying side effects. Scientists conduct risky missions when they start mixing time travel with space travel. Could their work lead to even more amazing discoveries? Or will messing with time lead to the end of time itself? Meanwhile, time-travelling refugees Marc and Linda struggle to return to the present day.

I Don’t Give a Hoot

The detectives that once tracked Marc and Linda start their own business, the Night Owls, and find themselves in the middle of a rather personal kidnapping case. After ending up in the wrong place at the wrong time, the sleuths find their work to be a little more dangerous than usual. When their friends and family get involved, the job turns deadly.

Hoot, Holler, and Wine

When Night Owl detective Howard comes face to face with a ghost, he swears it’s the victim of his latest murder case. His partner is less than convinced. While trying to decide whether or not ghosts are real, the two sleuths find themselves wrapped up in a strange conspiracy in Napa Valley, California. There, they quickly discover that death and destruction is just the beginning of a nightmarish scheme in Wine Country.

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