The Future of Linda and Marc

Many people have asked me about the future of Linda and Marc. Without giving away too much of what is in the rest of the trilogy, let me give you an idea of what to expect.

Even though Marc Ransom and Linda Greer come from totally different environments and are almost opposite when it comes to their personalities, it is what they discover that they have in common which causes them to be drawn together. They both believe that they are somehow made for each other.

Retribution is about how Linda and Marc meet and why they are driven to escape from their high-tech captivity. In most cases when two people are drawn together by extreme situations, the relationship eventually fails. In their case, their love is strengthened as they get to know each other and continue to be thrown into one adventure after another. In fact, Linda and Marc quickly learn that it is their quest for their next adventure that drives them closer together.

As you read the Retribution series, you will find the dynamic duo caught up in the middle of one of the worst gang-wars in any city’s history. They also find themselves thrust into dealing with making decisions that could save themselves, while possibly sacrificing the friendships they have made together.

Their choices will lead them into different extremes. The lifestyle of the wealthy and the world of the mercenary will test their loyalties and even threaten their very lives.

But, what of their future? The underlying story that keeps haunting them throughout the entire Retribution series is that they are escaped felons sought after by the state of Georgia and are also targeted for death by the gangs of Atlanta. No matter which way they turn, their pasts keep catching up with them and threaten their love and safety. So, they eventually are forced to make a choice. A choice that not only completely changes their lives and tests their love, but also could change everything that we take so much for granted in our world.

What of the future? Well, that is what makes Marc and Linda’s “ultimate escape” such a dynamic turn of events. Their time together turns out to be nowhere near as important as “time” itself.

However, I can promise you one thing. Linda and Marc will persevere.

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