Meet My Cats, Linda and Marc

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I am a big fan of rescuing animals, especially cats. It is because of this that I have four wonderful cats and a dog.

Just after finalizing the editing of Retribution: Serendipity, I adopted two cats. Although they are not related, they were dumped together in front of the Humane Society’s local shelter in an old metal box. I was told that they were malnourished and a mess. When I adopted them, I named them Linda and Marc, after the two main characters in Retribution.

They are as different as can be from each other, but oh so lovable. The cat in the picture is Linda. She has extremely soft fur and loves to be brushed and petted. Is she like the Linda in my novel? Yes, she is loving and beautiful but is also an attention hog and always has to be first in line to get fed. Plus… Don’t tease her; Linda takes no guff.

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