Coming Soon: The Escapades (The Sequel to the Retribution Series!)

While creating the Retribution trilogy was a great pleasure and having to wait to release part-two of the series has been driving many of my readers nuts, the sequel to the series has many sitting on the edge of their seats. While parts two and three of the Retribution series are both finished, I have been having a blast working on the series’ sequel.

The Escapades is set about ten years in the future and finds several of the characters from the Retribution series caught up in what becomes the state of Georgia’s version of the Hunger Games.

In the opening of The Escapades, the reader discovers that the Supreme Court of the United States has nationally legalized assisted suicide and the right to settle disputes by dueling (now, a form of assisted suicide). At the same time, the state of Georgia finds itself running short of the funds necessary to cover the $2 billion-dollar budget for their overcrowded prison system.

By taking advantage of the new laws and combining the lack of ethics in the leadership of the state’s bureaucracy with the corrupt management of the penal system, an unusual solution is created to balance their budget. By asking for sixteen supposed volunteers from the inmate population and taking an old prison-farm facility and totally securing it, a new pay-per-view program is developed that pits the “volunteers” against each other in a fight to the death. The winner, if one can call them that, is rewarded with a full pardon… no matter what crimes they may have committed. 

The Escapades takes place during the fourth installment of the new blockbuster TV program. The story is about what happens when one of our heroes is secretly forced into the games. And, how in the world can a murder happen when the games are broadcast live throughout the world?

The truly hair-raising part of the story is that it could actually happen. Will violent deaths just become another form of entertainment? Is there any hope for our society as human life is taken more and more for granted?

What are your thoughts about a live, televised game that promotes the death of 15 and a hero being made of a convicted felon? Could this really become a viable way for a state government to “balance their budget?”

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