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A Time of Reckoning is book 2 of the trilogies. The Author weaves an engaging tale of suspense, action, and serendipity. In this installment, Marc and Linda, two diametric opposites, must navigate corrupt systems, the criminal underworld, and the fallout from an ill-fated city. It is a time of romance. It is a time of providence. It is; A Time of Reckoning. A gang initiation has gone wrong results in a bloody massacre, a horrifying rape, and the loss of a dear friend. Marc attempts to comfort grieving relatives, but soon realizes a dark truth: To help them find peace, he’ll need to help them get revenge. They find themselves thrust into a bloody war that threatens to take Atlanta down with it.

About Author: Samuel Wardwell

Samuel Wardwell is the author of Retribution Series, a new crime-thriller trilogy. His work is heavily influenced by the experiences he had in the Georgia prison system. Wardwell grew up in northern New Jersey. A privileged youth, he moved to New York City to study architecture. He found good work as an architect and historian but struggled with alcoholism. His addiction eventually caused him to make choices he’d soon regret. Wardwell’s decisions landed him in prison, where he got the idea to write his first book: Retribution: Serendipity. The main character, Marc, is based loosely on himself.

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