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Who is Debra Yancy?

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Debra Yancy appears right at the beginning of the Retribution series and quickly becomes an integral part of the story. She is a sheriff’s deputy working as a patrol-officer with a chip on her shoulder. Her pent-up anger results from an incident early on in her career that finds her on the wrong end of a hand-gun and twice shot in her chest. It is because of this that she harbors severe distrust and anxiety whenever she initiates a traffic stop.

Marc Ransom becomes a victim of Debra when he is pulled over for a minor traffic violation. It results in additional trumped-up charges and ends-up sending him to prison. Because of this incident and the chaos resulting from Marc’s incarceration, Debra chooses to end her career with her over-zealous police department. She quickly becomes a lynchpin in the story as Linda and Marc make plans to execute their attempt to escape from prison.

I originally created the Debra character to instigate the situation causing Marc’s arrest and imprisonment. However, she quickly developed into one of the series most important players. Debra eventually ends up as the primary character in the sequel to the Retribution series, The Escapades.

Debra is a perky and dynamic person who grows from a paranoid, arrogant sheriff’s deputy to become a self-assured, fun-loving friend of Linda and Marc’s. Her character is integral to the entire series.

The only significant issue in her life that she does not seem to be able to resolve is her propensity to attract bullets. For whatever mystical reason, almost every time there is a gunfight, Debra always seems to end up becoming the target.

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