Meet My Cats, Linda and Marc

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Linda the cat sitting on her sleeping pad

I am a big fan of rescuing animals, especially cats. It is because of this that I have four wonderful cats and a dog. Just after finalizing the editing of Retribution: Serendipity, I adopted two cats. Although they are not related, they were dumped together in front of the Humane Society’s local shelter in an […]

Thoughts on Reading

My Favorite Books

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Samuel Wardwell's Favorite Books

One of the many things I learned about while researching life in prison was the voracious appetite many inmates had for reading. This was especially true with the inmates I taught in the GED program. In the Retribution series, Marc is an avid reader with an eclectic taste when it comes to his choice of […]

"Retribution" Series + Spinoffs

Who is Linda Greer?

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Woman with Ponytail Running

In many ways, Linda Greer is the most dynamic character in the Retribution series. As the book progresses, Linda goes through a complete transformation. She begins as a loner who spends her time as a cat-burglar to finding herself in a relationship with somebody she thought she would never offer the time of day. Before […]