Prison Experiences

Prison Slang Dictionary

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I created this prison dictionary by interviewing fellow prisoners who were staying at the Atlanta Transitional Center. The prisoners who contributed were actually those that I taught in my GED (General Educational Development) class. It was originally supposed to be included at the back of Retribution: Serendipity, but was cut to shorten the book. Some […]

Thoughts on Reading

Why Reading Matters

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We all learn in different ways. Without realizing it, learning something new every day is inevitable. For me, I go out of my way to find new things to read, just because I love to learn. Some of the greatest experiences in my life revolved around the questions my daughter, Elizabeth, had asked of me […]

"Retribution" Series + Spinoffs

Upcoming Books in the “Retribution” Universe

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You might be familiar with my first novel, Retribution: Serendipity. But have you heard about the other stories that take place in Mark and Linda’s universe? The full story currently takes place through eight books: The Retribution trilogy and five spin-offs. At the time of writing, only the first novel (Retribution: Serendipity) is published. Here is an outline […]


Aliens: All Part of God’s Plan?

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Aliens are real—and I believe that they and Christianity can co-exist. I have a strong Christian faith. As a youth, I wondered about how a universe so large could possibly be uninhabited. My question was always, “How is it possible that we are the only intelligent life in the galaxy?” This question actually has a […]