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About "Retribution, Serendipity"

Retribution Book Cover

Marc Ransom is innocent, but after a major misunderstanding he’s in prison and making…questionable company. His new cellmate isn’t just a cat burglar; she’s a woman, and she’s ready to leave.

This is America’s first co-ed prison. It’s a high-tech joint where thugs rule, robot guards roam, and cameras see everything. And now, two complete opposites are trapped there together.

But life in prison isn’t an option. Corrupt authorities want Marc gone. Gangs have marked the burglar, Linda, for death. Seeing no other way, the unlikely cellmates become a ‘brain and brawn’ duo by pairing his strength with her street smarts.

In forcing themselves to cooperate, they might just find freedom, redemption, and romance in the unlikeliest of places.

“Action-packed suspense from beginning to end – this is a book that had me eager to find out what would happen next as corrupt police, lawyers and judges put innocent people in jail to pad their pockets.”​